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Founder/Executive Director & Co-Founder of Benkadi Project

Helen Bond

"It is incredibly rewarding to work on our projects and see how they have changed the lives of individuals and communities."

Co-Founder of Benkadi Project

& Special Advisor

Amy Lusk

“I love bringing people together through the joy of music while taking action based on our common humanity.”

Board Secretary

Rowan Hendrix

"At Motherland Rhythm Community, we understand the positive impact of major initiatives as well as smaller projects.  Something that seems less significant, like providing seeds and hand tools for a village garden, can improve the quality of life for many who are struggling to feed their families."

Board Treasurer

AJ Bond

"I love being a part of making a positive and empowering change in the world."

Board Member

Ann Shanks

“I love being involved in helping to solve essential problems in the lives of people in Guinea — access to clean water, health care, educational opportunities — things we tend to take for granted in our country.”

Board Member

Katy Barnett

"As a teacher, I believe it’s important to educate ourselves about inequalities on a global scale and then take advantage of opportunities to help.  Through Motherland Rhythm Community, I know I’m making a positive difference in the world."

Project Director

Fode Camara

"It is a dream of mine to be able to help the people of my country and reduce their suffering."

Music Director

Nansady Keita

"I am honored to teach our traditional music to visitors and to help the younger generations of artist in Guinea learn the music as well."

Project Control/Security


Lion is committed to being a part of whatever project is happening and considers himself essential to it's success!

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