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Projects in the US
Drum Fun
Roberti Community House Drum Programs

We meet to explore rhythms, play musical games and dance together. Please see Roberti Community Center's schedule for our next event.

Drum Fun
St. Coletta Drum Circle

Special Drum Fun event with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.  We play drum games, sing rhythms, dance and have fun together. Please see St. Colletta's calendar for our next event.

Check Writing Class
Assistance for newly immigrated families from Africa.

We have been working with families newly immigrated from Congo.  Thanks to the generosity of donors we were able to get furniture, tv, toys and clothing. We gave check writing classes and helped with Auto School. The children are in school.  We meet with them on occasion to review mail and any needs they have.

Benkadi Benefit Stage
Drum Concerts & Scholarships

We provide free concerts and community events so that participants can hear and experience traditional West African Music.  

Our goal is to make traditional West African available to everyone who would like to study or hear it.

We offer scholarship programs for those who are unable to afford classes.

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